Care Facility Services

Simpill supports staff and residents by providing a delivery service to residential and nursing homes. We aim to make medication more more manageable and convenient for individuals in care. 


A Painless Way To Manage Meds.

Your job is hard enough so why make it more difficult?

We provide market-leading medication options to deliver tailored solutions for the needs of people you care for.

We work with you to ensure their medication records are accurate so each resident gets what they need, when they need it. 

For a job that can’t afford any mistakes – we take care of the meds, so you can take care of your residents.


A Service You
Can Rely On.

Providing care is challenging so want to provide support, advice and training to make sure 

Providing care is challenging, and we want to give you support, advice and training to make sure you’re in control and able to manage every aspect of medication administration.

We are here to ensure that you are able to provide the best possible care for residents and that you meet regulatory requirements.

That is why we perform regular audits to ensure that medication is being administered correctly and safely so that your home is compliant.   

Simpill Standard Pack

Get 28-day medication supplies in unit-dose blisters delivered to your doorstep, when you need them.

Simpill 7-day Multi-dose Pack

7-day Packs provide a convenient and compact solution by dividing medication up by day and time of dosages.

Simpill eMAR

We offer market-leading eMAR solutions with a suite of management reports, which help you monitor and improve the care you give.

Simpill Sim Pack

Through new technology, Sim Pack will notify carers or loved ones on the Simpill app when a medication has or hasn't been taken

This lets them know the people they care for are on track with their meds - giving them peace of mind.  This is available in 7-day packs.

Simpill Flexi Pack

With Flexi Packs, we provide multi-dose med packs which can contain liquid as well as solid-dose medication.

Individual pods can be taken out of the Flexi Pack if needed.  This can enhance the independence of residents by allowing them to self-medicate or safely take medication with them when they are away from their home.

This is available in 7 or 28-day packs.

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Simpill Training

Our service is all about putting you and the people you care for first.

That’s why we provide face-to-face and online training for staff, so they’re confident using every aspect of Simpill’s service. We 

We also do regular check-ins and audits to make sure everything’s running smoothly and you’re 100% happy with our service.