Flu jabs break pharmaceutical records in 2022

Two months before the end of the winter season, pharmacies have been proud to announce a new record for the delivery of flu vaccines, increasing on the 2021/2022 winter results.


Pharmacies in England have managed to execute an impressive 4.8 million vaccines to the public this winter, as revealed by the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC). By the 6th January, 4,795,086 vaccines were administered, exceeding the total for the entire winter in 2021/2022 (4,793,124). Last year’s season also indicated a 73% increase as compared to the previous year.


The results are delivered as Superdrug and Boots announce a decrease in the price of their private flu jabs to below £10, following the actions taken by Asda and Well. This was initiated by the spike in hospital cases placing further pressure on an already-stretched NHS.


NHS England announced last week fears of a ‘twindemic’ of COVID-19 and flu, with national data revealing that hospital flu cases have risen seven-fold in one month.

The UK Health Security Agency in December 2022 revealed that flu positivity rates have ‘increased further’ to 26.4%, with five to 14-year-olds being the highest suffering category.