Growing Older With The NHS

Growing older ; the NHS cannot prevent ageing, but it can anticipate your care needs and help you to live an independent and active life, for as long as possible. GPs often experience the process of ageing first-hand, as they build relationships with their regular patients, and observe as they develop from active 60-year-olds, slowing down in their seventies, and becoming frail in their eighties. As we all know, these are the same wonderful people, who are experiencing a change in their needs for support as they grow older, in order to keep living their lives to the fullest.


Some of the difficulties faced in this period of life link to managing their usual daily routine, and a reduction in their social lives as it becomes harder to be mobile and meet with friends and relatives. Additionally, money can become a worry and they aim to reduce spending for fear of debt. Memory issues may also play a part at this time, but concerns over stigma may prevent them seeking the help they need. 


Family and friend carers may be feeling the stresses and strains at this point, but equally the worry of being disloyal may prevent them seeking extra support. We believe it is important to find the right support as soon as possible, in order to prevent family carers breaking down, patients ending up in crisis due to their frailty, or premature admission into a care home. GPs are focused mainly upon physical needs and frailty, whereas mental health support, social care and community input can be provided by additional services outside of the GP. 


It can be difficult to navigate the NHS as a family whilst services are split, and we can be here to help ease that pressure. Reduce one of your demands by ordering your medical subscriptions online, and save the time needed, the difficulties which come with travel, and the queuing at your pharmacy.